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James ^1000 M.^200 Mukoma Skilled^800 PRINCE2 ^500 ITIL^200 Specialist
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A versatile, analytical and hardworking information technology professional with a practical hands on approach. Able to analyze information and quickly grasp complex technical issues. Proven ability to manage and complete projects and assignments to the highest standard with a meticulous attention to detail and within agreed deadlines. Is a team player and has worked in teams with people from multinational backgrounds and diverse cultures.

I have delivered results in a dynamic and challenging environment by being respectful, professional, determined, consistent and a team player. Bringing into group dynamics and individual work a clear and systematic reasoning in order to generate actions based on the scope,budget and time constrains. Managed and worked successfully with about 5 to 1,000 people. I have Worked in various companies with diverse business processes.

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James M Mukoma
ITIL, PRINCE2 Specialist
MSc Computer Systems(JKUAT)
Management Project Mangamemt Team Work Change management CSS Data Management Management of Information Systems Network Administration VM Ware System Administration Data Recovery Mobile Apps Network Design Photoshop Illustrator Agile Team Work Team Management Team Lead Project Management

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Good project management is essential for any team tackling large, multi-faceted initiatives. This is especially true in the tech industry, where individual tasks are often highly specialized, complex and time sensitive.

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Boring is better when it comes to office politics .The drama that unfolds as co-workers and top leaders “play the game,” form alliances, take credit, manipulate, show favoritism or schmooze can be interesting, entertaining, exciting or frightening.

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Work, love and family

When my husband Patrick and I began working together, people responded to our decision with both skepticism and deep curiosity. They wanted to know how on earth we’d do it. Patrick deflected this with a joke, “My day boss is the same as my night boss.”


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